Daily Diary – Garbage, Bills & a call to a collections agency

January 23, 2017

One of the biggest fears people face is the fear of running out of money. It’s equal to the fear of death. That’s because in order to experience True Wealth a person does have to die to their old self and learn to live in a new Self, in a new way. (R.Perry)

Okay…here’s how my day looks…

  1. About $2500 in the bank but $200o of it is for rent, bills, food and fuel. Not much left over after that.
  2. I put garbage out and found mail in the mail box. Four envelopes from utilities & collection agencies.
  3. I pay $57.19 to London Hydro! My goal is to pay all my bills in full for 6 months so I can apply for a new phone which I really need for my work.
  4. I pay $58.51 to Encare, my water heater rental company. My goal is to pay all my bills in full for 6 months so I can apply for a new phone which I really need for my work.
  5. My EI access code and information came in. That’s good and that’s bad. I’m grateful to have EI because I paid into it for the past year but I would rather be running a successful home business and accumulate my income and revenue by my own work and not by money coming from the government. That is just my beliefs. There’s a lot to say here but I won’t for now. More later. It will take time to set this up…I’m not sure when I’ll get to it as I have work to do on my business and generating my own sources of cashflow. But I don’t like to have things on a TO DO list as they tend to pile up.
  6. As I’m going through these I get a call from someone from ARO – regarding my Scotia Bank account from when I was attending journalist school in 1999. I just told him, as I always tell them that I am on EI and looking for work and can’t offer anything. He was kind and said OKay sounds good. And that was that.
  7. Credit Bureau of Canada Collections is the final letter. It says “Confidential and Without Prejudice” and “FINAL NOTICE” …. so I’m going to give them a call and record the video on YouTube. You can watch by following this link here and while I was making the edits to do this another agency called. Here is the second video for AI Collection Agency.
  8. I filled out my form and made a mistake in answering a question which resulted in my report not being filed and my not receiving money owed to me until I call the 1-800 number to correct the information. I’m not even sure if I made a mistake or not as the question they asked wasn’t clear. If it wasn’t a mistake, in any case they need information from me before they will file my report and send me my first EI payment. You can follow along on this YouTube video.

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