A Tribute to my Great-Grandfather, Bob Aird

You may remember the story I shared with you, about my Grandpa Aird, who used to believe nothing happened after death. He believed the body went into the earth and that was it.

 When his beloved wife of 40 years (or so) passed away, he fell into a depression which kept him in tears for 3/4 of the day for months on end. I was age 20/21, a journalism student, and went to see him daily, even stay over often, to keep him company, help with washing, cooking, etc. I would try to cheer his heart and tell him of the next world, where his beloved lived and was waiting for him. After about 9 months of bitter opposition, one night when we were watching our evening programming before bed, he reached over and held my hand and he said,

“Rachel, if you are right, that there is another world and I live on after this life I will come back to tell you. I’ll send you a sign so you know I’m there.”
I smiled and my heart rejoiced because it meant at last he had Hope. At last, he believed in something bigger than himself. I felt that God/Baha’u’llah had answered my prayers and would watch over him. Bless his heart.
Then at his funeral, you know, my own grief was far bigger than expected because he was the first blood family who I ever felt and received true and good and real Love from and I missed him so much. So so so much.
Then, there I was standing by his coffin in disbelief, praying Remover of Difficulties, and then I felt his hand on mine as if it was his real hand. And I felt him standing beside me as if he really was standing beside me. A comfort came over me which just soothed my heart and eased my mind. And I started talking to him in my thoughts.
He said, “Rachel, you were right!!” And I laughed in my heart because it was the happiest I ever heard him.
I said, “Look at you Grandpa, helping me to cope with your funeral. You are such a show off!!”
And he agreed that he was. It’s funny because it was one of the the things he was known for that from anyone who knew him.
Anyway, this made me feel like the veil between this world and the next is so paper thin.
All it takes to be connected to the ones we love the most is just to listen. In listening we will find they are right there beside us all the time.

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