Taekwondo – Challenge/Progress

Taekwondo – May 20, 2016


  • tonight I got hit hard in the head by a ball during a dodgeball game – ouch!
  • I did 35 squat jumps and reached high each time – ouch!
  • I tried to do these funky push ups with my feet on someone’s shoulders and someone else’s feet on mine but couldn’t even do one! – oops!

The instruction I got tonight was about a back hook kick, about how to not bend my knee but to let my whole body move into the kick.

I also practiced blocking a hook kick to my face and a side-kick to someone’s mid-section.


I noticed a lot of progress in my speed and in my accuracy. But am still challenged by not being able to see well without my glasses. And my balance still is not great most times.

But my form was good and I was able to do all 10 push ups so that was great too!


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