Questions For Reflection on Self

July 01, 2015

From a Facebook Post:

WHAT IS THE BEST HOUSE (which in dreamwork is a symbol of self) THAT I CAN IMAGINE?

1. Where will I get the inspiration to feed my unconscious to help me imagine the best house I can?

(In the past, I have used magazines, commercials from TV, music videos, friend’s homes, vision boards, YouTube to get inspiration for a beautiful home. Now I want to do it differently. I am going to take pictures of things I like and post it. I have challenged myself to “Decorate and Live in a Beautiful Home with items from Talize, Dollarstore, Freecycle, and Kijiji.” The trick is that it can’t look cheap! And that it has to be a style Gracie and I like. So I will keep doing that.

2. How will I decide what and when to build up a certain room of the house/self?

(I will use to create zones in the house. To create the structure of my home and business.)

3. What is the best self I can imagine that would live in this house day to day?

* I know what this is about…it is about my not wanting to “live in” the “life” which had been laid out for me by the conditions of my early childhood, teens, young adult life…and that now that I have found a way to be at peace with the past but not ignore or deny it, then I have actually found a way to be True to myself and honour who I am and what I’ve gone through at the same time as not being really identified with the “victim” mentality which others really seem to feel strongly about.

* My best self is not a victim*

So I am going to work on this concept a bit more.



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