Sometimes in life, you think you are going one way and then you find out you are going another way. It may seem challenging at first but the growth which comes from the change is so worth it! ~ R.Perry

Sharing our story publicly has been instrumental to transforming our situation. Here are some positive things people have written.

What People are saying about how my story has encouraged them…

“[Gracie] has found a great example of steadfastness in her mother” – Facebook “friend”

“I follow your story on Facebook and I like it so much,” – London resident

“So inspiring…You are so positive!” – audience member at public talk at the Beacon Hill Library

“I am going through a very busy and hectic phase in the office.

Your greetings will keep me positive and cheerful,” – Facebook “friend”

“Your wisdom amazes me. Beauty and wisdom together is a rare combination,” – Facebook “friend”

“I have never forget you helped me during bad times.

I wish I could help more than saying just words,” – Facebook “friend”

“Wow, you have gone through a lot dear Rachel.  I’m so sorry.  Now, I admire you even more than before knowing what you were going through and still look happy and be very kind to everybody.  I wish you and your dear daughter many happy years ahead!” – Facebook “friend”

“I never forget all you have done for our community and especially our children!  

Love you my dear,” – Facebook “friend”

“Every word that you utter (or type) brings great joy to the heart,” – Facebook “friend”

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